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I'm Tristan Iafolla, the owner/operator of garden gnomes. 

As a plant nerd who loves to build things and be outside, I can confidently say that I enjoy what I do: planning gardens, designing hardscapes, and just all things landscape. 

I'm very passionate about horticulture, and am obsessed with soil ecology, orchid biology, arborculture, and mycology. 

But more importantly, I hate call backs.


All our hardscape work has a 2 year minimum guarantee, but as I'm generally a stickler for following "spec", call backs are few and far between. 

Garden Gnomes is a small outfit with a 3-4 person crew, we rarely take on two projects at once, and like to finish what we start. 

When I'm not landscaping, I'm either reading about something related to it, or engaged in something outdoorsy. 

Have a great day

tristan iafolla

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